Sunday, October 13, 2019

French Fascination With Food Essay -- France Food Cuisine Essays Paper

French Fascination With Food The delicacy of French cuisine, the diet du jour, a multiple sensory experience, wine, chocolate mousse, cheese. When one thinks of French cuisine, these are some of the aspects that run through our minds. The attraction to French food and the culture that presumes around it are what make French dinning so appeasing to the masses. Yet, when one thinks about the sensual delight of French cuisine and its affect no one would ever guess that the French cuisine, in all its glory, would be associated with concepts such as international technology availability, French agricultural research expenditures, or sustainable agriculture. But without concepts such as these, the availability of quality French food would be sparse. It is true that the ingredients of French cuisine are of the freshest, but those ingredients are at the center of a more important concept: French agriculture. French agriculture is associated with production disaggregated among cereals, non-cereal crops, milk, and animal products. France’s prices of these products, like real- cereal, have shown a dramatic decline amongst other prices over a sharp period of time. With declining prices of output products, there come important implications for both agricultural trade negotiations and for agricultural research policies in Europe and also the United States.(Bouchet,,1989) France has conducted research to ensure that there are no harsh implications of technical inefficiency with agricultural inputs which are directly related to environmental factors.(Lepitit,,1997) An example of this is France’s cereal production. Research to reduce such extremities like pesticides and fertilizer use from cereal production is a focus o... ...d development of France’s food industry one cannot understand why France had been a force, globally, in the agricultural sector of society. Their food isn’t too bad either. Literature Cited Bouchet F, Ordern D, Norton W G.(1989). Sources of Growth in French Agriculture. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (71) 2, 280-294. Lepitit P.I., Vermersch D., Weaver D.R. (1997). Agricultures Environmental Externalities: DEA Evidence for French Agriculture. Applied Economics, (29) 3, 331-338. Gafsi, M et al. (2006). Towards sustainable farming systems: Effectiveness and deficiency of the French procedure of sustainable agriculture.Agricultural Systems, (90) 1-3, 226-242. Datamonitor USA, Germany, Europe, Asia-Pacific Industrial Profile. (2006). Food Retail Industry Profile: France, (Datamonitor: Food Retail in France; Reference Code: 0164-2058), 1-20.

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