Saturday, April 25, 2020

Informative Speech On Tourism Essays - Terrorism,

Informative Speech on Tourism INTRO Imagine yourself flying in a plane to US for a summer job. You are travelling to experience new country, job, to meet new friends from all over the world. And you think that you are really happy to be in that position. Everything seems to be perfect in your life, except some insignificant details. But all of a sudden an armed psycho puts a gun barrel to your head and proclaims that he wants to change the plane course, and if this will not be done he will kill you. You never know how serious his intentions can be. You begin to fell panic realizing that you can die very soon. What will happen next? Will the pilot change the course? Will the mad guy kill you to show others that his intentions are serious and just grab a new victim? Or will he explode a bomb and everyone in the plane will die? You never know. Most of you probably have already understood that today I am going to talk to you about terrorists and their actions. I am doing a research paper for my written communications class and I have read much information about the issue. So, my speech will consist of three points. 1st I'll explain the definition of terrorism and some background of it. 2ndly I' talk about 4 major types of terrorists Finally We'll look at some actions that governments do to prevent terrorism. ---------------------------------------------------1------------------------------------------------------------- In every kind of society, in all periods of history, there are people who are not satisfied with the laws, rules, regulations, politics or social situation. Some of them cannot find legal ways to make themselves noticeable, or to change something. The legal ways like working, seeking a good career seem to them ineffective, or they simply do not have appropriate attitudes for them. Therefore, they choose the way of violence and arrogance directed against the peaceful people. The people, who practice violence against the others to make an influence on government in order to reach their financial or political goals, are called terrorists. Their actions are called terrorism. Nowadays, there are more and more peaceful people suffering because of the different forms of terrorism all over the world. Terrorism is a rather old phenomenon. Even in the first century AD, in Palestine, there was a sect of the Sicarians, which used to kill the Jews who had common deals with the Romans ( Boltunov). In the nineteenth century Philosophy of the bomb prevailed. This philosophy supported the principle by which small groups of people would be able to cause the very maximum of chaos (quot. Encyclopaedia Britannica p.232). -------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------------- First of all, there are terrorists who are fanatics. They act this way because of their strong believes about certain kinds of politics or religion. They are sure that their actions will bring a benefit to their country and will help to change the life people in a good way. They believe that they are fighting for right moral principles. There were some peaceful victims during the action. Usually, it is necessary to pay with blood for the better future (quot. Boltunov M. p.32). Second, very common type of the terrorists is sadists. The people who do not accept any rules and regulations at all. They hate to be controlled by somebody. They do not care about the people's lives. They need power, and they prefer to reach it by using violence. Usually such people prefer to take hostages. It is real pleasure for them to feel that they have a right to decide who will be killed, and who will stay alive. Third main group includes the people who have different kinds of mental problems. The mental thinking of such people may also include the moral features of the terrorists from both of the previously mentioned types. They also seek power and act fanatically. Their logical conclusions are mostly unpredictable, therefore, it is quite difficult to fight with them. They are called maniacs. Beside these three main groups, there are also many single terrorists who act because of their personal motivations. It is impossible to describe all of them. They can vary from person to person. Usually these people are not as dangerous as the ones who relate to the